Concert to Rebuild Dot’s

13 Jun

Concert to Rebuild Dots Letter


Dear Friends,

For all of you who have eaten at Dots, shopped at Manyu’s Boutique, and strolled
through our galleries and stores, this is your chance to give back to Wilmington.

The Wilmington Fund VT committed up to $50,000 in matching funds to help Dots rebuild and reopen. On Saturday, July 14, Jon Pousette-Dart and Aztec Two-Step will give a special benefit performance at Memorial Hall in downtown Wilmington to help raise funds. So plan a summer weekend up here and enjoy dinner and a great concert. Dinner with the artists starts at 5:30pm at Tamara & Dan Kilmurray’s home on 72 Old Ark Road in Wilmington. Then make your way back to Memorial Hall for the 8pm concert.

The Wilmington Fund VT, a non-profit corporation, was established by second
homeowners, local citizens and business owners in response to the devastation from Tropical Storm Irene. It is the purpose of this project to support Wilmington by first raising funds to help repair damaged buildings and to then promote commerce and business activity through the use of grants and low interest loans. Initial donations of $500,000 enabled the recent purchase of the Parmelee and Howe building.

The loss of 40 businesses included Dot’s Restaurant, the Vermont House, Manyu’s, and the Ann Coleman Gallery, which was swept down the Deerfield River. While some business owners have reopened, others have not had the resources to repair their damaged buildings. We recognize the town’s impact on the local economy and we have pledged to help. This will require substantial investment in order to build a stronger and more economically vibrant downtown.

We are proud to say that!The Wilmington Fund VT is on its way to promoting the continuation of village life through supporting restaurants, shops and services. While its spirit remains strong, with your help we can restore this once beautiful downtown. Even if you can’t attend this event, please help make this vision become a reality with your generous, tax-deductible donation and invest in Wilmington. Visit our website for more information.

Thank you for your support,

Ann Manwaring
Vice President


One Response to “Concert to Rebuild Dot’s”

  1. Mark Schwartz July 13, 2012 at 9:46 pm #

    Can I buy 2 tickets to the concert today on-line and pick up the tickets at the boxoffice just before the concert begins/

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