Thank You to our Donors!

23 May

• Hidden Pond Foundation – Morristown, NJ: In response to a recent request from Daniel and Tamara Kilmurray, it is with great pleasure thet I enclose a check. . . This donation is to be put specifically toward the Wilmington Fund.          My wife Janet and I are honored and privileged to support the restoration and redevelopment of the historic Town of Wilmington.  We wish the Kilmurrays and the rest of the Wilmington Fund board members great success in their fundraising efforts and applaud them for their efforts in bringing this historic town Back to life after the tragic flooding from Hurricane Irene.  Sincerely, J. Peter Simon

• William Simon Foundation – New York, NY: Thank you for the letter and information that you sent on behalf of The Wilmington Fund.  We think highly of the important work you are doing to help the city of Wilmington recover from the damage caused by Hurricane Irene.  With regards, Bill Simon, Co-Chairman

• Anonymous – Morristown, NJ:  This donation is being made to specifically support the Wilmington Fund and its efforts to restore the historic town after the tragic flooding from Hurricane Irene.

• Purjes Foundation – Hackensack, NJ:  Ed Purjes and myself are very happy to make this donation to the Wilmington Fund.  We would appreciate it greatly if these funds were used for the purpose of rebuilding Dot’s Restaurant.  Thanking you in advance for your cooperation in this manner.  Respectfully yours, Dan Purjes

• Herbert Cummings, Trustee for Monica Cummings

• Mary Eagan, Marie Eagan – Levittown, NY:  Hope this helps!  Thanks

• Rosanna Leone – Massapequa Park, NY

• Sunne Village Association – Brewster, NY:  Please accept this donation from the homewoners in Sunne Village Association, West Dover, Vermont.  We hope it helps in the restoration efforts as you see needed.  Regards, Vivian Taylor, Sunne Village Association Treasurer

• Liz and Mark Richards – Brattleboro, VT

• Mark Fuhrman – Old Bethpage, NY

• Peter Yeskel – Annapolis, MD:  Please find enclosed a donation to the Wilmington Fund. . .  This donation is made in the honor of John and Beth Greene.  Best of luck with the difficult task of the rebuilding of Wilmington.

• Robert Kaufman – New York, NY via Vermont Community Foundation

• Gail & Craig Llewellyn – Wilmington, VT


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